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A screening of videos by Sarmen Beglarian, Vasyl Cherepanyn and Milica Tomić followed by a conversation together with Arna Mačkić on the resignification and destruction of monuments in Kyiv, Ukraine and Omarska, Bosnia and Herzegovina. This is the third edition of Monument, a collaboration with e-flux Architecture, to discuss how monuments have—once again—come to play a pivotal role in mobilizing and rearticulating struggles for recognition.

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Antagonisms of Memory in Post-Maidan Kyiv by Sarmen Beglarian and Vasyl Cherepanyn

After the Maidan revolution and Russian military occupation of Ukraine in 2014, the realm of memory has also been occupied by militarism and political reaction. In the context of war and nationalist discursive dominance as one of its outcomes, ‘patriotic’ populism has been trying to externalize the Soviet period and retroactively nationalize historical memory. The policies of decommunization took a harsh and violent form in the city space destroying the imagery and monuments inherited from the socialist past. The video explores several communist memorials in today's Kyiv that are still difficult to integrate into the nation-state framework as constantly disturbing sites of political discontent. This is the international premiere of the video which was produced by the Polish Modern Art Foundation in the frame of the project Forming Memory. Monuments in Central Europe financed by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage as part of the Multiannual Program INDEPENDENT 2017-2021 and the grant program of the Adam Mickiewicz Institute Cultural Bridges. It is directed by Sarmen Beglarian and Sylwia Szymaniak, camera and editing by Michał Matejko, and drone operation by Oleh Veheria. Sarmen Beglarian is an art curator based in Warsaw, Poland. He is a curator and co-curator of exhibitions, festivals and installations in galleries and the public space. Vasyl Cherepanyn is Head of the Visual Culture Research Center in Kyiv, Ukraine. He recently co-edited Guidebook of The Kyiv International (Medusa Books, 2018) and '68 NOW (Archive Books, 2019) and curated The European International (Rijksakademie van beeldende kunsten, Amsterdam) and Hybrid Peace (Stroom, The Hague) projects.

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19:00 – 20:30

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