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Are there other ways to represent global and local developments in narratives that help us to see Earth anew?
In a livestreamed presentation Australian-born artist and environmental engineer Tega Brain will talk about Asunder, a fictional 'environmental manager' that uses satellite, climate, geology, biodiversity and topography data for a series of terrestrial regions to proposs and simulates future alterations to the planet to keep it safely within planetary boundaries, with what are often completely unacceptable or absurd results. Asunder questions assumptions of computational neutrality, our increasingly desperate reach for techno-solutionist fixes to planetary challenges, and the broader ideological framing of the environment as a system.
This talk launches the opening session of a series of workshops called World.orbit, a public research project focusing on a critical and generative engagement with satellite data. In a series of workshops, artists and designers can learn how to find, read, process and translate satellite data. Alternative digital cartographies can identify other ways of representing global and local developments in narratives that help us to see Earth anew.
Two other livestreamed World.orbit talks take place on 6 and 13 November 2020.
14:00 – 14:45

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