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The Hoodie at home

Now that The Hoodie exhibition in its physical form is temporarily closed, this newsletter focuses on hoodies in a different way – as seen in the home, on the street and on Het Nieuwe Instituut’s website. The hooded jumper has a lot to say about the times we live in. It tells us about social inequality, youth culture and different subcultures; about racism, privacy and fear – and of course, about style too. Which stories does the new coronavirus pandemic confirm or reinforce, and which ones does it add to? A hoodie, for example, offers extra comfort when working at home, protects you during a walk outside and enhances your sense of privacy. Yet while the hoodie provides safety and comfort for some wearers, others will face prejudice and discrimination, preferring to put the hood down in public. This inequality can be traced back to the question of who can wear a hoodie without hindrance, which is once again reconstituted by Covid-19 – the same applies to any form of head or face covering, even if it is 'acceptable' from a medical point of view.

Read, listen and watch

Hooded histories

The hoodie evokes associations – of chastity and modesty, social status, gender roles, cultural exchange and trend developments – that are rooted in centuries of global history. Read the article by art historian Alexandra van Dongen, commissioned by Het Nieuwe Instituut and The Hoodie curator Lou Stoppard.

Arna Mačkić and Ines Cox

Arna Mačkić’s exhibition design and Ines Cox’s graphic identity reflect the positive and negative associations evoked by the hoodie, while playing with the concept of interior (the wearer) and exterior (the spectator).

DIY hoodie-printing with Farida Sedoc

Visual artist Farida Sedoc has a passion for hoodies and textile processes. In the instructional video she made especially for The Hoodie, she transforms her house into a temporary textile printing factory. Do try this at home! Share the results at

Field Research: The 'Unisex' Hoodie in the Women's Department

Researcher Chinouk Filique de Miranda investigates the 'gender-neutral' reputation of the hoodie in the context of the Rotterdam retail landscape. From her findings, she shows that the 'unisex' image that brands and retailers want to give to the garment is quite different from the reality.