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Design culture and the Coronavirus pandemic form the common thread running through a weekly thematic selection of content, online programming and projects from the field. Every week, different staff members are guest editors. The series, which includes Data Matter, The Hoodie and Who is We? can be read below. Subscribe here to receive the upcoming edition on Music Videos by email.

Het Nieuwe Instituut Online/Offline #15
On the Surface: Timber and Plastic

On the surface, timber, plastics and other materials have become essential for preventing contagion with Covid-19. Yet their industries continue to aggravate the degradation of ecosystems, closely intertwined with the rise of pandemics to begin with. This newsletter brings to the surface a selection of design projects that respond to the changing role of material industries in current social and ecological crises.

Het Nieuwe Instituut Online/Offline #15
Queer Mental Health and Safer Spaces

The past Pride Month, June 2020, differed from the usual commemoration of the Stonewall riots —one of the main events leading to the TQLGBIA+ struggle for equal rights, and its yearly celebration by members of the TQLGBIA+ community. The signs of exhaustion of the system in place had become even more evident.

Het Nieuwe Instituut Online/Offline #14
The Unusual in the Everyday

During the week of 6 to 11 July 2020, Het Nieuwe Instituut is celebrating the opening of two exhibitions with a series of online events. Atelier Nelly and Theo van Doesburg and Gijs Bakker & K. Schippers: Basics can then be visited from 11 July at the institute and Sonneveld House respectively.

Het Nieuwe Instituut Online/Offline #13
Neufert's 1.5 Metre

The Covid-19 pandemic has directly contributed to an increased awareness of the different movements of various bodies in public space. At the same time, in the Netherlands social distancing has led to the introduction of a single standard which is imposed on all of society: the 1.5 metre rule. This recalls the rational control of society based on uniform solutions that make public life possible, yet at the same time contribute to detrimental forms of exclusion.

Het Nieuwe Instituut Online/Offline #12
Regeneration. New Institutional Practices

Through its annual Fellowship programme, Het Nieuwe Instituut acknowledges and gives visibility to research projects offering departures from established modes of thinking. For this iteration, the Open Call for Fellows focuses on the theme Regeneration. New Institutional Practices. Following previous calls on the body’s burn-out (2018) and planetary exhaustion (2019), the 2020 programme invites collectives to take current conditions of burn-out and exhaustion as a point of departure to generate forms of collective organisation and action.