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In collaboration with artist Giovanni Maisto Ferreira and Kunstinstituut Melly, Het Nieuwe Instituut presents a two-part event around Touch’M, Ferreira’s short film. In the first part, an episode of De Kunstavond Radio, Kunstinstituut Melly talks to Ferreira about his work, his process and how he maintains his well-being and mental health. After the talk, Touch’M will be officially premiered.

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Giovanni Maisto Ferreira

Giovanni Maisto Ferreira is an artist exploring various types of media to highlight a deeply personal perception of our contemporary society and its dysfunctions. His creative process is mainly translated into 3D objects, spatial design and performance. Giovanni studied at the School of Visual Arts in New York and the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam. He has previously worked with Het Nieuwe Instituut for the exhibition G/D THYSELF.

De Kunstavond Radio

De Kunstavond Radio is hosted by the six Kunstblock institutes, and artists, curators and art world participants are invited to take part. The six Kunstblock art institutes in the Rotterdam Art Quarter are: Kunstinstituut Melly, CBK Rotterdam, MAMA, V2_, WORM, and TENT.