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Het Nieuwe Instituut has been forced to suspend an important part of its public function. The radical and disruptive character of Covid-19 for society, the design world and our personal communities has not been lost on us. At the same time, Covid-19 prompts us to reflect on how Het Nieuwe Instituut can be of lasting significance for our audience and supporters. We have an assignment, and we also feel the need, to provide inspiration, starting points and possible perspectives. As well as to give artistic assignments to designers, theorists and makers. If our physical location can no longer be the focal point for many of our activities, then we will focus on our online activities. Our perspective will continue to be informed by the need for multiple voices, both social and ecological. The different topics will be taken in part from our own archives. After all, since the institute was founded, we have linked the role and importance of design to exactly those issues which are once again proving their urgency.


Latest live online event

Artist and lawyer Shahaila Winklaar hosts the second Sunday Scroll. Broadcast on March 22.

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XYZ, instigated by Member Oksana Savchuk, is a non-periodic print magazine for text, photos, illustrations, video, theatre, poetry, music and (mixed) media. Every issue is made in 24 hours and is dedicated to one theme. The sixth edition of XYZ is all about the living room, and we are making it online.

Sunday Scroll with Joëlle

Live!, 05/04/20

Sunday Scroll with Asha

Live!, 29/03/20

Nightlife, eating out and solidarity during the lockdown

Thursday Night Live! Online, 26/03/20

Reading, watching and listening

A changing selection from our online publications

24/7 BED
“Between the bed in the office and the office in the bed, a whole new horizontal architecture has taken over.”

Het Nieuwe Instituut commissioned this essay, by architecture historian and theorist Beatriz Colomina, for the book Work, Body, Leisure, in relation to the 2018 Biennale Architettura. Colomina's research on the bed as a contemporary workspace that transforms labour seems particularly relevant at a time when so many of us are working from home.

“The studio is where daughters Puck and Gésine did their homework. Architect Leen van der Vlugt designed a combined leisure and office space.”

Before working on Sonneveld House, Leen Van der Vlugt designed the first Modernist factory and office building in the Netherlands: the Van Nelle factory, in Rotterdam. He adapted these modern office innovations to the Sonneveld’s private home. The studio is not only a healthy place to work but also still meets the requirements for a modern working environment today, including state-of-the-art office furniture and high levels of comfort.

Thinking about a graphic identity led to a new platform for graphic designers.

The platform offers an overview of work by designers who have created communications tools and exhibition graphics for Het Nieuwe Instituut. This year, the website is being expanded to other design disciplines that Het Nieuwe Instituut has commissioned in recent years, such as spatial design.

Novus Manier collective's film Armonia

A film by alumni of the Ghetto Film School, making their debut as a collective, Armonia featues Terence Nance, Jenn Nkiru, Marc Thomas, Kamasi Washington (The Ummah Chroma) and Lauri Faggioni. This year, members of the Ghetto Film School visited Rotterdam during the film festival and met other young filmmakers from all over the world. The Ummah Chroma created the ritual space G/D THYSELF: Spirit Strategy On Raising Free Black Children at Het Nieuwe Instituut, now temporarily closed to visitors.

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Het Nieuwe Instituut’s information point advises on the impact of the current measures against Covid-19 on the international design sector.


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Sonneveld House Virtual Tour

Sonneveld House is currently closed, but you can still take a virtual tour. Learn about the architecture and interior, the Sonneveld family and the period between the wars in Rotterdam, though the various objects in the house's different rooms.